Significant reduction of blood glucose levels and control of diabetes. Diabetes reduction by 40% or more.

  • Reduces bad cholesterol and total cholesterol
  • Reduction of triglycerides
  • Aids in weight management
  • Higher activity levels for longer duration despite reduced food intake
  • Hunger management and satiety enhancement
  • Smooth absorption of glucose into the blood as against sharp oscillations in absorption.

Are there any side-effects? When do I observe the beneficial effects ?
Since it is only fiber it does not cause any side effects.

  • The beneficial effects are usually observed after two to three weeks of regular consumption.
  • Diabetic patients taking anti diabetic medicines and consuming Fenu Fiber regularly, report increased level of appetite which is an indication that their plasma glucose levels are reducing.
  • Reduction of cholesterol and tri-glycerides is usually observed within eight weeks of regular consumption.
  • For normal people beneficial effects are observed as slowing of appetite and reduced urge to snack along with high levels of activity. Essentially one may cut down on their food intake without any loss of activity and energy levels.
  • Hunger patterns are more predictable. There are no sudden hunger pangs. Since it is only a functional food and not a medicine or a nutritional supplement, excess intake or large dose does not harm or exhibit any adverse reaction, in general, except those with gastrointestinal problems.

With our brand name ‘Delicious’ and a clear vision and strong purpose to add value in the dry fruit business. We source the finest quality dry fruit for our entire product range. We follow strict methods of approval giving utmost attention to hygiene, food and safety procedures. All our packaging material sourcing is done from a certified supplier to give customers optimum quality and guarantee safety.


Honey made by honey bees using NECTAR of flowers. The variety of honey produced by Honey Bees, (the genus Apis) is the one most commonly referred to and is the type of honey, collected by beekeepers. Honey bees form nectar into honey by a process of regurgitation and store it as a food source in honeycombs inside the beehive. Honey come farm fresh directly from the hives, are 100% pure and are not altered in any way.

Honey is packed in jars and our dispenser-type honey bees and bears in plastic are easy to use. Honeys are also packaged in attractive glass jars as well.

 Our Strength :
  • Selectively source raw honey from the honey rich regions of India – Bihar, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka.
  • Collection process follows stringent quality checks to ensure even raw unfiltered honey is of best quality. State of the art processing unit that adheres to optimum standards of hygiene and is constantly updating and upgrading process technology.
  • Ability to procure, process and supply various types of honey in quantities as per customer requirement.
  • We pack honey in a variety of stock keeping units under our own brand, and also facilitate the same for major clients as per their requirements of customized packing.

Diabetes is on the rise, yet most cases are preventable with healthy lifestyle changes. Some can even be reversed. Taking steps to prevent and control diabetes doesn’t mean living in deprivation; it means eating a tasty, balanced diet that will also boost your energy and improve your mood. You don’t have to give up sweets entirely or resign yourself to a lifetime of bland food. With these tips, you can still take pleasure from your meals without feeling hungry or deprived.